1. Brand new homes!
  2. Deep discounts!
  3. Many manufactured homes in stock!
  4. 3 bedroom/2 bath homes
  5. 14 X 70 Models
  6. 16 X 80 Models
  7. Double Wide Models

HEARTLAND HOMES is the largest dealership of affordable, high-quality manufactured homes in the county! We serve the housing needs of the Bakken in all Western North Dakota. We have single and double wide homes, several homes in stock or we can help you order one that fits your specific needs. We provide all services, including: delivery, set up and all the connections necessary to make your new house a home!

BENEFITS of Home Ownership and Rentals:


All our new manufactured homes in Heartland Village Park include:

  1. Post and piers foundation
  2. Professional set up
  3. Central A/C
  4. Insulated skirting
  5. Heat taping pipes
  6. Generous sized wooden entrance decks
  7. Water, sewer & electrical/gas connections
  8. Inspection fees & pre-moving cleaning
  9. NO HIDDEN COSTS! Move-in ready
...and much more!


  1. Largest mobile home park in Dickinson, ND
  2. Larger than the average mobile home lots providing ample space for a yard
  3. 2 off-street parking pads
  4. City water & sewer
  5. Mature trees
  6. Street lighting
  7. Individual storage sheds available for rent on your lot
  8. 24/7 on-call service department
  9. On-site management
  10. Hi-speed internet available
  11. Open spaces for recreation

Ten Reasons Why Owning a Manufactured Home is
Better than Renting an Apartment

  1. It’s YOUR home. You own it. You can plant a garden, paint the walls, decorate the kitchen, and celebrate having a home that belongs to you.
  2. You’re building EQUITY. With apartment living, you’ll never get back one cent in the rent you paid.
  3. There’s more PRIVACY. You won’t be stacked on top of your neighbor and listening to footsteps on the ceiling above your bed.
  4. You could have a GARAGE on your home site, just a few steps from your front door.
  5. A manufactured home is all on ONE FLOOR. You don’t have to climb up three stories to get to your apartment.
  1. You’re NOT SHARING WALLS with your neighbors.
  2. NO SCHLEPPING LAUNDRY up and down to the cellar, either. Heartland Home’s have utility rooms located on the same level with all your other living space.
  3. Heartland Homes and Heartland Village are LOCALLY OWNED and operated. We care about our residents because we’re here. We have on-site management available 24 hours a day and beautifully maintained parks, playgrounds.
  4. The SUN SHINES more brightly and BIRDS SING more sweetly in a mobile home community -seriously! You have your own yard, flowers, bushes and trees to look at every day. Who can say that about an apartment?
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